WWF-SASSI, an initiative started by WWF South Africa, assists South African consumers in making sustainable seafood choices. To do this, we have categorised the majority of seafood sold on the South African market according to its sustainability and listed them according to an easy to understand traffic light system.

If you love eating seafood, we encourage you to buy species on the green list, as these are the most sustainable and well-managed options. Think twice about any species on the orange list, as catching these species has associated environmental impacts, and avoid the red-listed species altogether, as these are either overexploited or illegal to buy and sell in South Africa.
To make this choice even easier, SASSI has developed a few simple tools to help consumers. These tools take the form of a compact pocket card, the perfect size for any purse or wallet, an sms service, and mobile apps for smartphones, to name a few.

To help us get our message as wide as possible, we team up with like-minded individuals that have a passion for the ocean and are keen to use their platform for responsible messaging. It therefore made perfect sense for SASSI to team up with Masterchef Australia contestant, Hayden Quinn, to help us take the sustainable seafood message forward. Besides his obvious passion for all things marine and cuisine and his love of using responsibly sourced products for his food creations, it is his commitment to sustainability that made him the perfect candidate for WWF-SASSI ambassadorship.

WWF-SASSI is proud to be associated with Hayden and his continued efforts to preserve the ocean and marine life.

For more information on WWF-SASSI, visit the website at www.wwf.org.za/sassi. You can also visit WWF-SASSI’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WWFSASSI) or follow them on Twitter (@WWFSASSI)