Timone and Pumba

Timone, Is That You?

Between Elton John, Simba, and Timone and Pumba, I feel that Lion King was a pretty solid movie to grow up on.

And in Australia, we have very different wildlife – and so a lot of the animals from the Lion King seemed out-of-this-world, and kid-me was suspicious. Did all of those animals even exist? I mean, emus are close enough to ostriches, so I understand that one. But even at a stretch a wombat is distinctively different from a warthog. I don’t think I was ever completely convinced that these animals were legit. So you can imagine my boy-like excitement when I went on A MEERKAT TOUR in Oudsthoorn.


Timone and Pumba

Look at these guys!

I was completely blown away. These guys are one of my favourite anaimals!!!! I love them!!!!! Pumped!!


Once I’d taken a meerkat selfie or two (did I mention how awesome those little guys are?!) we headed on to make a scrumptious ostrich egg frittata for brekkie.

I was really intruigued by ostritch farming – it seems to be the way forward, in every respect. Firstly, the eggs are massive. (And the frittata we made was super tasty. What a great way to make an egg dish without cracking millions of eggs! And packed full of goodness!) Then there’s the meat – it tastes like fillet, nice and lean and super tasty! And that’s just food-wise. Their skins and feathers are also used. Which means that each bird is used in every way possible; I like that.


I was feeling good, full and hot.


Luckily the Cango Caves cooled me right down. Except for the part where I was between a (literal) rock and a hard place (claustrophobia heaven, if you ask me!!!). All in all, it was a cavernous, awesome experience!

Klein Karoo landscape

How beautiful is this landscape!?

Hayden throwing an ostrich egg

What do you mean it’s fragile?!

Cango Caves

The Cango Caves

Hayden and a chef in a Karoo styled kitchen

Me and Alister in the Karoo-style kitchen

Tomatoes in a bowl

Fresh to death!

Ostrich steak on a board

Look at this steak!

Ostrich egg and steak frittata

Look at this frittata!

Behind the scenes of Hayden cooking

Look where I got to cook! (Shirt on the left – pink, right?)