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Hayden cooking on top of the Randlord's building in Jozi

Sharp-sharp, Soweto!

Okay guys let me introduce you to my favourite South African word: “sharp”. As in, “sharp-sharp!” meaning hello, goodbye, or just to show you’re amped for something – especially if you’re bordering on the same excitement levels that I was when we visited Soweto.

And yes. Soweto is one of the sharpest places in SA if you ask me!!!

I met with Lebo, of Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers, and we cruised around Soweto by bike. Now, if you’re ever in Jo’burg and have a couple of hours free – Soweto’s where it’s at. I mean even the old cooling towers had been jazzed up to fit the vibe and display the passions of the people of Soweto! Lebo took to me to Vilakazi Street, which is probably the most inspirational street in the world. Honestly, how can one street have been the home of two Nobel Laureates?!
We also passed kids playing soccer, shabeens, and loads of little restaurants and bars. Seeing all of this I felt extremely honoured to be shown around by one of Soweto’s very own.
I felt part of it.

From the inner-city Soweto to the outskirts of Jozi I continued to feel part of it when we visited the Swartkop Valley Primary Farm School, who form part of the EduPlant project. They grow their own food, with a basis on permaculture, and of course educate – not only the children – but also the local community so that they can use the skills of growing their own food at home. It was so great to see how keen some of the kids were at gardening. We used their skills (and their carrots), and threw together an awesome chicken mayo and salad sarmie (love that word!!!). haha and there were smiles all round!

To top it off, I was run off my feet by the kids in an epic soccer game. Haha!!!


Behind the camera photo

Lights…camera…I think you know where I’m going with this.

Hayden cooking on top of the Randlord's building in Jozi


Hayden poses with Chef Khumalo

Chef Khumalo and I

Food preparation


View of Johannesburg

Look at this beauty!

Hayden drinking a beer with the locals

These quarts’s mean business – enjoying a cold one in Soweto