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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

That’s a reference from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by the way. I think it’s a great line, but that’s definitely not the only aspect of South Africa that I’m thankful for.

Through my trip, I’ve been to thirteen different regions, and each region has provided me with a countless number of memories and experiences.


And through all of these experiences I’ve noticed one common thread: the people. I love South Africans. Really!

I love how you guys have embraced me with open arms (literally!!!). I love how most of the friends I’ve made here have kept in touch with me, and will stay lifelong friends. I love how my local guides of each different region were my mentors, and teachers – and showed me a very special view of their surroundings. And helped me to understand South Africa as a whole. (All those languages can get a little tricky for a young Aussie lad!!!)


I love how everyone who is behind making this show a reality has left a special impact on me, and on the show. I love how the HQSA Team took a cooking show and made it into an adventure. And I love that everyone on this adventure has had their own set of thrills making Hayden Quinn South Africa come to life.


I’ve loved all of the cultures – and with them, the clothes, the colours, of course the food and the languages and the traditions. And when it comes to South African languages – let’s just say I’m a beginner!!! But I have felt so honoured by your patience at teaching me your languages, and being encouraging even when I messed them up. I’ve loved learning them, and I hope you have even more patience when I come back next, and try them out on you!!


So thank you!! Thank you all of you.

Thanks for watching, for reading, for liking and following and posting and sharing your own Hayden Quinn South Africa experiences. I’m so grateful, and so privileged to have been able to share this experience with you.

I cant wait to be back with you next year to do it all again! And I can’t wait to hear where you think I should visit next!


Dankie. Enkosi. Ngiyathokoza. Ke a leboga. Ke a leboha. Siyabonga. Inkomu. Ndo livhuwa. Ngiyabonga. Cheers!