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Hayden Quinn in a pink shirt

Hermanus Has It All

Hermanus really does have it all, doesn’t it? I mean, you see it as soon as you drive into the town. On the left, the Walker Bay vineyards. (Again. How many vineyards can one country have?! I don’t know how you all don’t drink wine all the time.) On the right, ocean.

In the middle, that small town vibe you come to love about Hermanus.


And on top of this all, just outside of Hermanus is the Klein River: a jaw-shatteringly pretty and quaint river. And I was supposed to cook there?! Luckily, I had renowned Stanford cook – Mariana Esterhuizen – who knew the river like the back of her hand, and could take me through her delicious duck breast dish.

Hayden Quinn boarding a River Rat pontoon

Come aboard the River Rat!

Hayden Quinn and local cook, in front of a river

Me and Mariana, on the Klein River

After polishing off my Spiced Apple and Meringue Eton Mess, we headed back to town, and I bought whale postcards that I hoped I could use as fake proof that I spotted some spouters. (In the Whale Watching Capital of the World, why am I the only one who didn’t spot a whale?! We even went back in Whale season and I still didn’t see any!!!!)

I also had a chance to explore the shoreline. I even braved a morning swim in the tidal pool in front of our hotel, signing off with a girly squeal as I jumped in – it was fresh!!!!. The day was overcast and the water was grey – but that only made the mountainous shoreline even more dramatic.

Hayden cooking on the Walker Bay coast

Being a coastal cook

And yes, Lars (the show’s director) forced me into a pink t-shirt.

A really tight, really pink one which he now happily owns. It did match the beautiful protea flowers of Gaansbaai, but still…that one had to stay in SA!!!!

Hayden Quinn in a pink shirt

How pink is this shirt???