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Not Another Goat Video Compilation

I’m a farmer at heart. You know, like a coastal farmer. Okay, I’m sure that doesn’t make sense, but I’ve met such cool farmers on my trip, that I would like to be one too. Just one that surfs.

Basically, give me an epic adventure on a farm, and I’m there.

Give me some vintages to taste and I’ll taste the different flavours in them (or try to!!). Give me a goat and I’ll milk her.
Give me a bike, and show me an off-road track.
Franschhoek gave me all of that, and more, in episode 4 of HQSA.


Rolling vineyards

Vineyards. For days!

Luckily I just did too many cool things to waste your time mulling over how one little town could encompass so much beauty. But really, what a pearler. And the coolest part about Franschhoek and its never-ending supply of wine – you don’t even have to drive. During this episode, my transport was one of the most exciting things about my journey.


Hayden prepared a creamy goats cheese risotto

I prepared a creamy goat’s cheese risotto here

I explored Franschhoek on the Wine Tram (imagine San Fran with mountains and vineyards wherever you look!) to La Motte, and went mountain biking through Franschhoek’s Biodiversity and Wine Initiative vineyards, wearing my WWF ambassador kit proudly. And then. Well, it’d be rude to continue without introducing you to the nanny of the hour: Betsy.


Hayden and a goat Betsy

Good old Betsy

Betsy’s the sporting goat that I got to milk after my ride. (And really, what is online content in 2014 without mention of a goat? The only sad part about this is I don’t have a hilarious YouTube compilation of Betsy-bloopers to share with you. We might have to make a second season just for that.)
Betsy’s milk had its moment (not just a pretty face, you see) and we made a creamy, delicious goats cheese risotto that I proceeded to polished off after a long day of filming.
PS. Betsy was not harmed during the making of this episode.