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Hayden Quinn in Lesotho!

Call Me Hayden “The Hobbit” Quinn

Let’s just say that my experience of Lesotho was pretty flipping similar to the first time when I read The Hobbit. Mountains? Check. Clouds? Check. Mysterious body of water? Check. Hobbit? Me. Check. Cooking on the road? Check.

And let me just say, the more I think about it, the more I fitted the role of The Hobbit’s “burglar” Bilbo. Like in The Hobbit, we travelled by horseback (on Basotho ponies). Similar to Bilbo, I was the hungry one, longing for food. All the time.


The treasure? Rose’s cooking. And experiencing a Basotho meal with her, and her home-grown veggies.

My first adventure as burglar Bilbo was to find Rose. On a pony. In a blanket (pig in a blanket anyone?!). With a Basotho hat. And I found her!
Like Bilbo and his burglar flaws, my messy flaws were exposed in helping Rose cook – and she decided that I was a messy cook – because I left my spoon everywhere but in the bowl!!!


Luckily, my spoon habits had nothing to do with the outcome of the meal – which was delicious.  Learning from Rose and spending time in her village was a special moment for me. It was great to see her friends, family, and neighbours going about their life. The fun and smiles that the kids shared with me and the whole crew was really a highlight for me. I’m going to take those memories with me for ever.

So that was my first adventure.
My next adventure in the Kingdom in the Sky (even the name sounds like The Hobbit!) took me to the banks of the Katse Dam. I conquered dam walls, rowed determinedly on the water, and made it to the Katse Fish Farm, in time to catch me some dinner.
Hunger-driven, I braved a broken jetty (haha it really was quite tretcherous! The lengths you go for a beautiful shot!), and prepared the tastiest trout fresh from the Katse Reservoir. And boy, it was tasty. We had reached the treasure, and the adventures were to come to an end….in Lesotho.
All in all, it was a surreal, breath-taking and amazing experience.



Beautiful mountain pass of Lesotho


Hayden riding a pony

Call me Bilbo!

The traditional Basotho outfit - how awesome is the blanket that I'm wearing?

The traditional Basotho outfit – how awesome is the blanket that I’m wearing?!!

Hayden and team on ponies

Trekking to Rose

Hayden and Rose in the Midlands

Rose, and the messy cook.

Sotho kids admiring the camera shots.

Brad showing the kids how it’s done!

Hayden and his guides at the Katse Fish Farm

At the Katse Fish Farm

Freshly caught trout

Trout time!

Hayden cooking on a jetty, on the banks of the Katse Dam

The rickety jetty – and the Katse dam.