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Hayden and the cows

Midlands – Everything You Want

The Midlands is one of those places that you want to be your most excited, and child-like self.

There’s so much natural beauty around that you just have to stop along the side of the road and have a swim in the rapids (which is exactly what I did!).


I wanted to go to markets, hand-pick new supplies, and get the chance to hear the stories behind the food. To me a local market is the best place to get a feel for the food and people in the local area. They are filled with great snacks and people – both with their own stories to share.
I wanted to visit cows, milk them, call them my girlfriends, and then make the ultimate No Churn Ice Cream from their cream. I wanted to put that ice cream on top of a sugar cone, with crumbled honeycomb on top of my dish, and eat it right next to the cows’ paddocks.
I wanted to meet up with my new celeb chef of a friend, and I wanted her to join us on a hot air balloon experience of a lifetime! I wanted to pick the leaves off trees as my hot air balloon floated past trees. I wanted to the basket to touch the water, and to feel thrilled by this.


I then want to learn new dishes, tricks and tactics from my new cooking friend and I wanted to joke about her hatred of wooden spoons.


Midlands is the type of place that takes things that you want to do and makes them possible. It’s a place that you want to do the most of everything: to feel the people, the nature, the surroundings, the culture, and of course to taste the food. I wanted to experience the Midlands in the most real – and complete way as possible – and I got the best of it.


Hayden next to rapids

A quick dip

Hayden and the crew swim

The crew swims too!

Hayden milking a cow

Milking a cow – almost like a pro

The girls and me

Hayden and the cows

The girls and me.

Dairy cows

Dairy cows

Ice cream ingredients

I’m the ice cream man!!

Behind the scenes crew in the hot air balloon

Floating behind the scenes

Hot air balloon