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Not Another Goat Video Compilation

I’m a farmer at heart. You know, like a coastal farmer. Okay, I’m sure that doesn’t make sense, but I’ve met such cool farmers on my trip, that I would like to be one too. Just one that surfs.

Basically, give me an epic adventure on a farm, and I’m there.

Give me some vintages to taste and I’ll taste the different flavours in them (or try to!!). Give me a goat and I’ll milk her.
Give me a bike, and show me an off-road track.
Franschhoek gave me all of that, and more, in episode 4 of HQSA.


Rolling vineyards

Vineyards. For days!

Luckily I just did too many cool things to waste your time mulling over how one little town could encompass so much beauty. But really, what a pearler. And the coolest part about Franschhoek and its never-ending supply of wine – you don’t even have to drive. During this episode, my transport was one of the most exciting things about my journey.


Hayden prepared a creamy goats cheese risotto

I prepared a creamy goat’s cheese risotto here

I explored Franschhoek on the Wine Tram (imagine San Fran with mountains and vineyards wherever you look!) to La Motte, and went mountain biking through Franschhoek’s Biodiversity and Wine Initiative vineyards, wearing my WWF ambassador kit proudly. And then. Well, it’d be rude to continue without introducing you to the nanny of the hour: Betsy.


Hayden and a goat Betsy

Good old Betsy

Betsy’s the sporting goat that I got to milk after my ride. (And really, what is online content in 2014 without mention of a goat? The only sad part about this is I don’t have a hilarious YouTube compilation of Betsy-bloopers to share with you. We might have to make a second season just for that.)
Betsy’s milk had its moment (not just a pretty face, you see) and we made a creamy, delicious goats cheese risotto that I proceeded to polished off after a long day of filming.
PS. Betsy was not harmed during the making of this episode.


Hayden and Etienne in Paternoster

Paternoster Gets Me

Paternoster Gets Me

When you’re travelling, you get to experience new places for the first time. These experiences are fresh, exciting and can even be jarring. And among all of the new, you find that some places feel inherently familiar. Some places suit you, and you suit them. You just get each other. These rare places make you feel relaxed; they make you feel at home.


That’s what I got from Paternoster.


Now I know you South Africans are used to your country, and I’ve promised in the past not to ramble on about its beauty too much, but you’ve got to be kidding me!!! Paternoster is picturesque to death! It really does remind me of a beautiful little Greek village: loads of nature, loads of sea, and loads upon loads of culture.


And it just got me.


You know when you smell the salty sea air, and it makes your veins pump – you just want to get out there? Now imagine loads of awesome wooden fishing boats (called “bakkies”) just waiting on the sandy shore; waiting to take you out fishing. Waiting to take me out. I hoped.


I approached some of the local fishermen, and not only did they offer to take me out, but they offered me overalls (green, to match my eyes, a crew member joked) to wear, a line to tug and a technique to master. They taught me how to catch Hottentots – it was so awesome!


With hooks full and tummies empty we (Pieter and Abel, my fishermen guides, WWF trailblazer chef – Kobus – and I) ate the fish, together with freshly foraged ingredients, right off the rocks.


On the rocks.

Mussels on the rocks

Mussels on the rocks

Hayden and Etienne in Paternoster

Etienne and me, (HQSA’s DOP)

Boat on the Paternoster beach

A Bakkie

Hayden Hangs Out In Stellies

Hayden Hangs Out In Stellies

Afrikaans. It’s a flipping cool language, isn’t it? While I do have some legitimate phrases tucked away, the crew have taught me bits and bobs that – let’s face it – aren’t appropriate for TV, or a blog for that matter!


It is a language that I’d love to become better at. And that’s just because of how excited Afrikaners get when you put a word or two of their language to them. As soon as you can speak the basics to them, you’re part of the family, of the community. Imagine being fluent…! So for the record, if I can’t praat die taal, I smaak it anyway. (David (sound man) and Etienne (DOP) would be seriously impressed with my vocab use here, I’d rate.)


Afrikaans aside, Stellenbosch is a completely diverse town, and that’s where we went for episode two. With rolling vineyards everywhere you look, and oak trees and old Cape Dutch architecture in between, I can’t believe that there’s actually a university there where people are expected to study – there’s just so much natural beauty to get involved in, away from the books (and the bars!!! Haha).
And don’t get me started on the food.


Food-wise, Stellenbosch (and South Africans – let’s face it) have it waxed. The potbrood Fritz made for me was the ultimate scene-to-scene snack. From Stellenbosch scenery, we headed to Paarl to visit the exquisite Taal Monument. And we even made time for zorbing, which took precisely a million hours to film!!! Haha its amazing how sometimes the simplest scenes are the hardest to film! And it was hot. Realy hot, hence the shirts off in the balls.


It was hectic, but such fun. Ek sê!

Fritz and I, making bread.

Fritz and I, making bread.


On the road again!


Taal Monument, Paarl

Taal Monument, Paarl

The food we cooked from episode 2

What’s cooking!

Love me some greens!

Love me some greens!

Photobooth poses at the launch

HQSA Premier – Hayden Quinn South Africa


Hayden Quinn South Africa had been scheduled for 14 July for a long time – and when the time came there was nothing more that any of us could do, except to celebrate. And celebrate we most certainly did! The crew and our guests joined us on the balcony of The Expresso Show’s studio, where we had fun and acted out some of the scenes from episode one.

Hayden Quinn standing at the top of Table Mountain, having prepared his Yellowtail Crudo meal.

Preparing Yellowtail Crudo on Table Mountain

It was awesome. To warm everyone up there was an open fire, with SASSI green list fish to braai. Well, the fish were marshmallows and were meant to be dunked into dark chocolate; in reality in episode one I went up Table Mountain to prepare Yellowtail Crudo, so the marshmallow impersonation was a less-extreme, and slightly sweeter version of this.

Sticks, marshmallow fish on the Expresso studio roof, to roast over the fire.

The marshmallow fish braai at the HQSA launch

Looking up at Table Mountain from the ground, you think, mmmmm its big, its tall, it’s a massive massive table, but! Has anyone ever mentioned to you just how high it is? It’s pretty freaking high. And on top of this, the crew had organised for me to abseil down it! Luckily, Lars (our director) was wearing an exceptionally tight, pink shirt (that he continually attempted to get me to wear – all tight shirts are in HQSA have come via Lars!) I convinced him would look great on national television. So, I tricked him into heading off first and he scaled the mountain in my place.

(Also, I’ve been copping a lot of grief because of this fear ever since. People seem to think that riding big waves and climbing big things are similar. Well, I don’t see it that way.)

To carry on the bobotie-theme (which we made in Bo-Kaap in episode one), we were treated to bobotie that we served out of a pumpkin. And that one pumpkin? It fed about 40 of us. Awesome.

Zainie and me in Bo-Kaap

Zainie and me in Bo-Kaap

Eventually the brown popcorn-filled bags were handed out, the couches were prepped, and the screening begun (right in the middle of my intro speech!). So I shut up, sat down, and glued my eyes to the screen.

Hayden watching Hayden Quinn South Africa

Me watching me watching me.

What made it really special was that a lot of us (the crew) hadn’t even seen the first episode yet, so I kept on getting comments like the ones from our cameraman, Brad (2nd cameraman), saying things like ‘ah they used my GoPro shot!’ And that made it such fun as HQSA became a reality to all of us.

Also, I got to have another go at Lars for his tight pink shirt which was good fun.

Thanks to all who came, and don’t forget to tune into HQSA next week!

Photobooth at HQSA launch

Some of the HQSA Team

I'm 100% organic

I’m 100% organic

Babotie forks

Bobotie forks

Photobooth poses at the launch

Expresso presenters joining in on some sustainability fun

I see ya, South Africa!

Hey guys, Hayden here.


Before I bore you with my sweet alliteration skills, let me bring you up to speed with all the crazy things that I’ve been up to.

I touched down in SA on 1 July. And since then, it’s been manic (in the best way possible).

We’ve had the Hayden Quinn SA (#HQSA) sponsor launch, travel touch-ups, interviews, shoots, surfs (of course), drinks and sick road trips.
The HQSA team has been incredible – and worked hard to bring you the best experiences that Hayden Quinn South Africa has to offer.


Tonight we give you our show – a show that isn’t just about food, travel and sustainability. A show that has built friendships, widened experiences and changed perceptions. A show that I am incredibly greatful to be apart of and that has also brought me such happiness, and an inherent love for South Africa.


So I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for making South Africa, South Africa. Really, the diversity I’ve experienced and the kindness I’ve felt is second to none. It’s been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to get to know your country and your people so well, and I really hope that Hayden Quinn South Africa does it the justice it so rightly deserves.


Decide for yourself, tonight on SABC 3 at 21:30.

Check ya then!


Roadtrip! (Photo by Etienne Neser, Director of Photography)

Roadtrip! (Photo by Etienne Neser, Director of Photography)

Must adhere to the road signs.

Must adhere to the road signs. (Photo by Etienne Neser, Director of Photography)

BMW, you beauty! (Photo by Etienne Neser, Director of Photography)

Mecedes Benz, you beauty! (Photo by Etienne Neser, Director of Photography)

Sup Pup.

Sup Pup.

Board reflector...or shield? (Either way, it's not a performance without an unintentional jazz hand)

Board reflector…or shield? (Either way, it’s not a performance without an unintentional jazz hand)

Groupies. Only kidding. The crew!

Groupies. Only kidding. The crew!

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Howzit, South Africa

So you know those rumours I’ve been spreading on social media – about me hosting a cooking and travel show around South Africa? Well, they’re true.

Hayden Quinn South Africa is about to kick off.

Let me come clean – I’m only doing it for the surf. Nah – just messing with you. But the surf’s a pretty big draw card, let’s face it.

South African production group, Cardova approached me, offering the chance to experience their country through travel, adventure, surf,sustainability and cooking. And if you know me, you’ll know my life motto:

live life, eat well, travel far.


So I jumped at it.

And honestly, it’s been an incredible experience.
I’ve had the chance to explore South Africa – and figured out why a braai is actually different to a barbie. But that that doesn’t matter, because what matters is the people that you share the meal with. And these people? They’re just awesome.

I’ll be sharing my adventures as I go, giving you the behind the scenes low-down on each of the episodes and my trip.

Stay tuned.

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