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Hayden with his surf board

Sun’s Out, Surf’s Up!

I must say, Durban’s a place that suits me pretty well. There are more beaches than you can possibly surf in a week. There’s sun and warmth enough to wear thongs (flip flops), exclusively.

And then there’s the flavour that you look for when you want to spice things up.


It seemed a very appealing, and appropriate, destination in which to film our final episode of Hayden Quinn South Africa. Not to mention a fun one. We’d basically not even unpacked at the hotel before we headed off to the WaveHouse.

Here, some of the crew and I took our moment, and did final cheesy topless pose to mark our final episode (see below!!!). I could’ve stayed there all day – but I was dying to check out some cool cucumbers that I’d read about being grown, sustainably, in Durbs.


We headed to Qutom Farm, and it was great to see their use of solar panels, rainwater and other high tech techniques, that keep this farm green. And the cucumbers? They were pretty green too!
I headed into the city, to  Victoria Street Market. Here I learned how to recreate the ultimate bunny chow. To add a healthy twist to the meal, I whipped up a sambal salad (with my freshly picked cucumbers!). I then had to find the legends who were rumoured to live off bunny chow, while maintaining their perfect six packs: the lifeguards.


Having been a lifeguard myself, this was a really great experience for me. Though the lifeguard systems in South Africa and Australia are slightly different, the stories are similar – and so is the fitness!!! To keep in line with this, I prepared the lifeguards a tasty WWF SASSI Green List  hake curry. We shared it, swapped stories, and had a laugh along the way. The crew ate whatever was left after the scene was shot.


It was cooking!


Learning the ropes

Hayden preparing curry, behind the scenes

Getting hungry for some curry!

Hayden with the lifeguards

Feeling at home!

Hayden with his surf board

Surf’s up!