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Hayden kicks off his exploration at a sustainable trout farm on the Katse Dam, before rowing with Olympic Gold Medalist James Thompson and exploring the 185m high dam wall. Over the course of his visit, he explores remote villages and discovers Basotho culture and cuisine, and ends his time in the Mountain Kingdom with a delicious locally sourced trout dish.

About Lesotho

Situated 1400m above sea level, the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho is an awe-inspiring country-within –a-country.  Rugged mountains, crystal clear waters, super friendly people, gorgeous summer months and snow covered winter slopes make Lesotho the ultimate destination for those in search of both adventure and relaxation.

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What’s Hot in Lesotho

leso ponyPony Trekking

Adapted to the rugged mountain terrain, Lesotho ponies are an indispensable form of transport. Pony trekking tours are a fabulous way of getting to know the local culture and explore the impressive countryside. Trekking tours can be arranged with the local villagers through your accommodation.

leso damKatse Dam Wall Tour

Be awestruck by the scale and engineering skill of the Katse Wall Dam, and discover its multifunctional facets from world class fish farms to generating electricity. Tours can be arranged with the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

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cathedral peak - hayden quinn

Easily accessible from Durban and Johannesburg, the famous Cathedral Peak Hotel has been one of South Africa’s favourite holiday spots since it opened in 1939. Offering exceptional hospitality, great facilities and amazing views of the Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak is a destination in itself, and continues to be popular with travellers of all ages.

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