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  • So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish! That’s a reference from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by the way. I think it’s a great line, but that’s definitely not the only aspect of South Africa that I’m thankful for. Through my trip, I’ve been to thirteen different regions, and each region has provided me […]
  • Sun’s Out, Surf’s Up!

    Hayden with his surf board
    I must say, Durban’s a place that suits me pretty well. There are more beaches than you can possibly surf in a week. There’s sun and warmth enough to wear thongs (flip flops), exclusively. And then there’s the flavour that you look for when you want to spice things up.   It seemed a very […]
  • The Rhino Reality

    Hayden in Zulu attire
    I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the rhino. However, not being native to the African continent, I never fully understood just how dire the rhino poaching issue in South Africa was, until I saw it for myself. Through this scary reality of poaching, I saw die-hard positivity. I saw volunteers, organisations and funding to […]
  • Midlands – Everything You Want

    Hayden and the cows
    The Midlands is one of those places that you want to be your most excited, and child-like self. There’s so much natural beauty around that you just have to stop along the side of the road and have a swim in the rapids (which is exactly what I did!).   I wanted to go to […]
  • Call Me Hayden “The Hobbit” Quinn

    Hayden Quinn in Lesotho!
    Let’s just say that my experience of Lesotho was pretty flipping similar to the first time when I read The Hobbit. Mountains? Check. Clouds? Check. Mysterious body of water? Check. Hobbit? Me. Check. Cooking on the road? Check. And let me just say, the more I think about it, the more I fitted the role […]
  • Sharp-sharp, Soweto!

    Hayden cooking on top of the Randlord's building in Jozi
      Okay guys let me introduce you to my favourite South African word: “sharp”. As in, “sharp-sharp!” meaning hello, goodbye, or just to show you’re amped for something – especially if you’re bordering on the same excitement levels that I was when we visited Soweto. And yes. Soweto is one of the sharpest places in […]
  • Leopards Never Change Their Spots

    Hayden crawling like a leopard
    Leopards never change their spots. It’s a saying, but seriously. Why would they? Their spots are gorgeous. Spotting a spotted leopard (redundant?) in their local spot was such a privilege. Even if it was only on a computer screen, just to know that these majestic animals are roaming the same paths and valleys and veld […]
  • Timone, Is That You?

    Timone and Pumba
    Between Elton John, Simba, and Timone and Pumba, I feel that Lion King was a pretty solid movie to grow up on. And in Australia, we have very different wildlife – and so a lot of the animals from the Lion King seemed out-of-this-world, and kid-me was suspicious. Did all of those animals even exist? […]
  • Nice One, Knysna

    Stand Up Paddle.
    Nice One, Knysna Okay South Africa, I know you don’t like to be compared to the rest of the world because you’re special, you’re different, and you’re proud of it. And rightly so. But I must just say Knysna has the same sick coastal vibe as the Gold Coast (on the east coast of Australia). […]
  • Hermanus Has It All

    Hayden Quinn in a pink shirt
    Hermanus really does have it all, doesn’t it? I mean, you see it as soon as you drive into the town. On the left, the Walker Bay vineyards. (Again. How many vineyards can one country have?! I don’t know how you all don’t drink wine all the time.) On the right, ocean. In the middle, […]