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Howzit, South Africa

So you know those rumours I’ve been spreading on social media – about me hosting a cooking and travel show around South Africa? Well, they’re true.

Hayden Quinn South Africa is about to kick off.

Let me come clean – I’m only doing it for the surf. Nah – just messing with you. But the surf’s a pretty big draw card, let’s face it.

South African production group, Cardova approached me, offering the chance to experience their country through travel, adventure, surf,sustainability and cooking. And if you know me, you’ll know my life motto:

live life, eat well, travel far.


So I jumped at it.

And honestly, it’s been an incredible experience.
I’ve had the chance to explore South Africa – and figured out why a braai is actually different to a barbie. But that that doesn’t matter, because what matters is the people that you share the meal with. And these people? They’re just awesome.

I’ll be sharing my adventures as I go, giving you the behind the scenes low-down on each of the episodes and my trip.

Stay tuned.

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